Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adopted Dog Update: Duchess

L to R: Cosmo (in the back), Duchess and Bart
We love updates from our adopters and in this case we are very fortunate that by getting an update on one of our pups, Duchess, we are actually getting an update on two of our pups as her sibling, Bart, was also adopted from Pet Haven. Of course, they both love Cosmo who is hiding in the back of the photo :)

Here is an update on Duchess from his new mom:

"Duchess has been with us for about four months now and is doing very well. The biggest thing that has happened is well..she's BIG.  She's grown four inches wider across her back (that's how much we've adjusted her harness) and gained 10 pounds of pure muscle.  However, if Bart gets in the way she can still just walk under him to get where she wants. Also, we're pretty sure she's part kangaroo. Instead of running around the backyard, she hops off all four feet. Never seen anything like it. She can hop on her hind legs, and even hopped the fence into the neighbor's yard (5 feet) from a sitting position although thank goodness she's only done that once.  We're thinking of loaning her out to the circus.

Duchess loves to play with her big brothers and since she's such a tank, she can pretty much hold her own. She loves to play with the pug who lives on one side of us, and the doberman who lives on the other side, Zander.  She finished obedience school and was the star of the class, unlike her brother Bart who really didn't care if he did anything right (he just wants the treats).  Bart tore his CCL this year, so he's been sidelined a bit but he watches Cosmo and Duchess play and seems to enjoy it. He's healing and should be back in good form soon.

Bart learned pretty early on not to mess with Duchess...he tried to steal her rawhide and she bit him in the butt, which offended him to no end.  Other than that things have been going smoothly with the pack other than little adjustments here and there. And everywhere we walk, we get comments about how they all "match". "

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