Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kirby the love bug!

Kirby is a Pomeranian and around twelve years young. He wants everyone to know he’s still got a lot of life and love left to give! They call him the Love Bug because he loves giving kisses and affection and is devoted to his person. He enjoys hanging outside and walking the perimeter of the yard while chatting with the neighbor dog. He also loves walks and a scratch behind the ear. He warms up quickly to new environments and enjoys following his foster mom around the house during the day. He passes out at night on the floor next to her. He is overjoyed when his person is home from work and lets them know they’re the most important thing in his world. Another bonus, his foster mom says he doesn’t shed that much!

Kirby gets along with other dogs and currently lives with a Chihuahua. He doesn’t care for other pups near his food so as long as he’s fed separately all is well. He lives with cats but much to their dismay finds entertainment by annoying them with a bark or chase. He is also great at traveling and doesn’t mind being picked up or held. According to his volunteer driver for event days, “He's just too good.  I hope we find someone that knows he has 5-6 years of love in him. I find that senior dogs are really the best companions.  I adopted one myself.” Hopefully, Kirby’s forever family will realize he’s got lots of spunk left in him and come meet this Love Bug soon!

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