Monday, December 15, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Little Sierra has been adopted! Sierra is one of several puppies we took in from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue in November (see Junior & Lauren, below, who were also from RRLR). She has two new kids of her own to keep her busy and build snowmen with this winter! Congratulations, Sierra!

Sadie, now Sasha, has found her family. She counts among her new family members a lab named Sadie, hence the name change. :) She also has two little girls to watch over. Congratulations, Sadie/Sasha!

Lauren has also found herself a family! They are traveling for the holidays, so Lauren will hang out with her foster mom for a little while longer and go to her new home after the holiday. Congratulations, Lauren!

Junior, now known as Cookie (because he looks like an Oreo), went home this week. He has two boys of his very own and a stay at home mom. Congratulations, Junior!

Drake went to a foster-with-intent home this weekend. He has a new fur sister, Zoe, who is an Olde English Bulldog. Cross your paws that this is it for Drake (with only 3 paws its a little hard for Drake to cross his own). Congratulations, Drake!

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