Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Decey: A Happy Hound

Hey everybody! My name is Decey, and as you can see I'm a pretty handsome guy (if I do say so myself). I'm eight months old and a shepherd/hound mix, and I've come to Pet Haven from Iowa to find my forever home. I'm currently residing at Pampered Pooch – there aren't quite enough foster families, so that's where I call home for the time being. Everyone is really nice there, and I have a foster buddy who comes to see me every other day. I get really excited when I see her and give her a great big hug.
On Saturday, I even got to go out for the day for a walk around Lake Calhoun! At first, I wasn't so sure what to make of the walk – there were people walking and running by, and some were even on bikes! I haven't had a whole lot of leash training yet, and I'm a little on the shy side, so it was a lot to take in at first. But guess what? After awhile, I really got the hang of it and was walking on the leash like a pro! My foster buddy was so proud of me she took me across the street to Chuck & Don's pet store to pick out a couple treats! I made lots of friends there – even a parrot that told me I was a "good dog."
I'm a really sweet, loving boy who is ready to find my family. I'd love to meet you sometime. Thanks for reading my entry; I'll write again soon!
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