Friday, December 5, 2008

Pet Haven adoption day tomorrow (12/6)!

(Cody is an 8 year old lab/dalmatian mix who is availble for adoption -- he is good with dogs, cats and kids!)

Please come out and meet our dogs at the Minnetonka Petco from 10am - noon on Saturday, December 6th. Dogs and cats should not be given as Christmas presents (lifetime commitments should be well-thought out and not surprises!), but if you have been considering adding a new canine family member, we would love to help you find one before the holidays!

Most of our dogs available for adoption can been found on our website. However, we have several new recent arrivals who are not yet posted including a 2 young hound mixes (Decey, a male, and Rae Ann, a female), a female yellow lab (Lady), a female black lab (Ruby) and a male black lab (Garth).

We also have 6 puppies (read about them here and here) who will not be at the adoption event, but we would love to tell you more about them if you come to the event.

See you you Saturday!

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Keith said...

Ruby is looking all pretty for the event tomorrow :)