Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jasper update!

Here's an update from one of our adopted dogs. Jasper charmed everyone who met him while he was in Pet Haven care as well. Thank YOU Jack, Jan, Jeremy, Lisa and Sam for loving Jasper!

Jasper joined our family 7 weeks ago and WE LOVE HIM!!! He really is an amazing dog. He's got the puppy energy but he's so mellow and very quiet. Jasper's hobbies include playing tug of war and fetch with our 3 teenagers, daily walks/jogs with us, chasing squirrels and rabbits in the yard, and playing with our friends' and neighbors' dogs and kids that visit. With all that activity and his busy days he can't wait for his meals and treats! He gained 1 lb in his first week with us and has maintained that weight ever since.
Thank you to the wonderful rescue, Pet Haven, and Jenny, his fantastic foster mom. Without you Jasper would not be in our lives!
Jack, Jan, Jeremy, Lisa and Sam

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