Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dakota: Beauty, brains and brawn

Dakota is a gorgeous 7 year old husky/lab/heeler? mix who has been in Pet Haven care for several months. She is enjoying her time in foster care and patiently waiting for the right family to come along who will appreciate all she has to offer.

Dakota is smart as a whip. She is very industrious when it comes to finding ways to amuse herself when she is left alone with free roam of the house. She enjoys prosciutto, peanut butter, rugs and couch skirts. The good news is that she is fine hanging out in a kennel during the day where her creativity can be curtailed. She has, however, proven to be totally trustworthy when left alone in the car -- and she loves to ride along on errands! She would also love to put her mind to work tracking down treats hidden through out the house (intentionally hidden, mental stimulation games for Dakota!).

As you can see from her photo, she is also very athletic and she loves to leap through the air to catch her toys mid-flight. She likes to play fetch and throwing a ball is a great alternative to a long walk on those cold winter days when it's just too cold out (for people - huskies think the below freezing temps are just right!).

After a hard day of play Dakota loves nothing more than to snuggle up on the couch or in bed with her favorite person. When her foster dad wakes up in the morning, Dakota is right there to steal his spot and hit the snooze button with her foster mom. Reduce your heating bills -- adopt Dakota!

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