Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They call it puppy love...

Three more puppies arrived in Pet Haven care from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue this weekend. Fletcher, Forest and Frankie (all boys) are 9 week old lab mix puppies who were found roaming around a northern Minnesota town. A couple of good samaritans rounded them up and got them to safety. All three boys are now living the good life in foster care.

Pictured at left (top to bottom) are Frankie, Forest and Fletcher. Frankie and Forest have short coats and Fletcher is more of a fluff ball. Frankie is the runt of the group, weighing in at 10 lbs on Saturday. His bruiser brothers are tipping the scales at just under 15 lbs right now. All three are mostly black with splashes of white on their chests. Two of them have little white tail tips as if they have been dipped in paint.

They are sharing their foster home with three resident dogs -- both large and small, so they are well-socialized with other dogs. They would love to be the only dog in their new home or a 2nd dog if the resident dog is willing to put up with some puppy antics!

The boys cannot wait to meet their forever families and go home, so email pethavendogs@yahoo.com if you are interested in meeting them!

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