Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Andy: Happy Howlidays

Happy Howlidays from Andy!
Since you haven't heard from this guy since the election (I know, we can't believe that he is still here, either!), Andy would like you to know that he is still available for adoption. Andy has now been in foster care for over a month and is totally ready to move into your home. Andy is completely housetrained and cratetrained. He gets along with any kind of dog and is fine with other dogs bossing him around - he doesn't need to be in charge, he lets other dogs take care of all that political stuff. Andy doesn't need a ton of exercise. If you have another dog, Andy would love to play but also settles down when told to. And if you don't have another dog, Andy would love to play with you! The only animal that Andy would also love to play with but isn't allowed to is a cat, so if you have one, Andy probably will not convert your cat into a dog lover. Andy is well behaved in the house and likes to keep tabs on where you are. Andy doesn't even really beg which is amazing because his two foster siblings have PhD's in the art of begging. When Andy is excited to see you (this can be anywhere from 1 minute to 6 hours since he saw you last) he does the "Andy dance" where he pinches up his eyes and grins and wriggles all over (beware of anything within tail-wagging range when he busts out his dance!).

Andy is also a very good observer dog. While his foster mom was wrapping some presents for some family members who are traveling out of town, Andy supervised and tried to hide the scotch tape. Decorations are going up around his foster home and the stockings are going to be out for his foster siblings. Poor Andy doesn't have one of his own so his foster parents are using the one for the foster dogs they have had over the holidays. We know that somewhere there's a family out there ready to get a stocking just for Andy and hang it up year after year after year until it's worn out from all the holidays Andy spent with them and he starts to turn gray.

If you are interested in meeting Andy and adding him to your family, please email pethavendog@yahoo.com If you can't adopt but would like to help Andy and many other foster dogs like him, please consider a donation to Pet Haven. You can find a link to donate here: http://pethavenmn.org/donate.php. Feel free to stop by our Petco events (upcoming one is 12/20 at the Richfield location!) to drop off a donation (Pet Haven always needs dog food, treats, toys, etc) and meet the stars of the Pet Haven blog, including Andy, and give them some scratches, they love it!

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Sarah said...

gosh i love that dog.