Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adopted Dog: Midnight

Here's a great update from Midnight's new family. The email was written about 10 days ago, so Midnight has had a couple more weeks to settle into his forever home:

Hello! Midnight seems to be adjusting well to our lives. He was a little unsure the first couple days, but by yesterday he seemed to be more like his normal self. On Friday, Midnight, Gavin, and I made a visit to the local Petsmart and Petco, trying to pick up a few more supplies. He was unsure about getting into my car the first couple times, so I had to lift him in. I could tell he enjoyed going to the stores with us. Later that night, we brought him into the groomer and he got a bath, teeth brushing and nail trim. She got a huge pile of hair off of him! She said he did absolutely wonderful during his visit, and noted how much of a sweetie he is!

The rest of the weekend we hung out, cleaned the garage, and took lots of walks. He really loved just hanging out and being by us. Last night he was feeling more ambitious so we tried to play a little fetch. I found out it works like this: I through the ball, he gets the ball, then lays down for a belly rub! He really is such a well behaved dog. He doesn't bark at all at other dogs, even though they bark at him! We walked by a house where one dog in an invisible fence wanted to play. You could tell Midnight wanted to play too- I think he may miss being around other dogs a little bit. I am hoping to get to the dog park soon so he can play around a little with other dogs.

Right now he is laying down in the living room by us. Even though he has two large dog beds, he prefers to just rest his head on a small pillow!

Congratulations, Midnight!

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