Monday, April 6, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have a lot of adoptions to celebrate. A few of these have been in the works for a couple of weeks and a few are new this week. All of them are great news!

Maggie is an 8 year old black lab mix who beat the odds on adoption for old black dogs and found her new home within 48 hours of coming in to Pet Haven foster care. Congratulations, Maggie! Black dogs rock!

Black, a young male husky/lab mix, went home with a foster-with-intent-to-adopt family from the first adoption event that he attended. They have now made the adoption official. We barely got a chance to know the kid, but Marilou did write about him and his heartbroken original owner here. I hope your former mom knows how loved you are now. Congratulations, Black!

Sebastian, now known as Buddy, is a Chihuahua puppy who has been adopted by a great couple. He has a new Papillion sister who is showing him the ropes and his new parents are working hard at getting him out and about and socialized. Congratulations, Buddy!

Lacy, our Rottie mix, has settled into her new home as well. Her new family stopped by our adoption event on Saturday to say "hi" and check in. Congratulations, Lacy!

Fred, aka "the play moster" according to his foster mom, has been adopted! He has two people all to himself. Congratulations, Fred!

Frenchie, a maltese, has been adopted by a repeat Pet Haven adopter. We love repeat adopters! Congratulations, Frenchie!

Mooch, a Schnauzer mix, has found her forever home! She now lives with a single mom and two kids. They report it is like she has been with them forever. Congratulations, Mooch!

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