Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dog on the run: Sadie is missing!

It will be adopted dog Tuesday this week, because today we need to get the word out about Sadie who was adopted (yay!) on Saturday and snuck out the front door of her new home on Sunday morning. She is running loose in south Minneapolis -- between the river and Hwy 55, she was last spotted at 42nd and Minnehaha Ave.

Sadie is a basset hound/husky mix who looks like a husky with stubby bassett legs. She has gotten loose once before and we had to use a live trap to catch her. She's a sneak. Please keep your eyes open if you are in the area. She is friendly and you can attempt to call her to you, but we are assuming she will not willingly approach people.

If you spot here, please call Cindy: 612.695.3593 or Laura: 612.296.9911


Don't forget to vote for Pet Haven in the Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge!

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