Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Suzy

Suzy the black lab is loving her new life. As you can see, she is exhausted -- being adored is hard work. Here's an update from her adoptive mom:

Missing Suzy yet? :) We LOVE having her. She has been
so wonderful and fun. My parents and brother are very impressed with her temperament and her listening abilities. When we go to their homes in the suburbs we let her off the leash in the yard and she does very well sticking near us. She has adapted well to her new kennel and when we're busy around our homes, she enjoys looking out the window on squirrel patrol. We're working with her leash manners. ha. While she is significantly better with the gentle leader, she still pulls a bit. But she's starting to learn what heel means. I can't imagine life without her now as she is so much a part of our family. Thank you again thousand times over for making her ours - she's amazing.

Just wanted to send you a picture of one tired girl. We went up to international falls, mn where she played and played with the other dogs and enjoyed running freely around the resort. She's doing so well learning to stay by us off leash.

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