Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Kids on the Block

These three have been hangin' tough up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, but on Sunday they hitched a ride to foster care. We are just getting to know them, but they were all very good dogs in the car and at the vet. We are getting to know them and they are all looking for foster and adoptive homes. If someone catches your eye and you think you've got the right stuff, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

Sonoma (top left) is a lab/shepherd (?) mix female who appears to be a little camera shy.

Louie (right) is an aussie/herding breed (?) tripod boy. His photo is a little blurry because good photos require sitting still and after a long trip down to the cities, Louie was ready for FUN!

Montana (lower left) is a St. Bernard/Husky (?) mix boy. He got to ride shotgun on the last leg of the transport and was a very good boy uncrated in the car. Look at that mug, what a handsome fella.

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