Friday, April 24, 2009

Missy and Colby - 2 Peas in a Pod

Missy and Colby have been hanging out at Pampered Pooch Playground while they wait for a foster or forever home. We got an update on them from the obedience trainer who works at PPP and has been spending some time with both dogs. Missy also bonded closely with Riley (a springer mix) when she was fostered with him in a boarding facility. She would make an excellent 2nd dog in almost any household. Maybe you have room in your heart for 2 black beauties?

I took Colby and Missy out to Petsmart today for a nice little walk and to see how they did around distractions and how they walk on leash. I would love to bring them both to the Walk for Animals if I could (if they dont get adopted before then) and show them off. They did absolutely fabulous at the store, in fact its funny how they behaved 10 times better than all the other dogs in the store> with their actual owners!! Dogs barked and snarled at them and they just stood and looked at them like "what are you doing?" They could have cared less! Both walked awesome on gentle leaders and by the time we left they were both walking behind me (now thats what I call a pack walk).

I have attached some photos and sent you a video of these two on Facebook. Its pretty cute how well these two get along, infact if someone could handle it, they would do great getting adopted into the same home, and they could wear eachother out! They hang out a lot together at daycare, so you know they are good buds when they have soo many other buddies to choose from. They both seem to still be doing well with the daycare environment and do not seem to be too sick of it yet, although Missy is always ready for her walk with her foster buddy! I was happy to see that when I came back with them today after out outing though, Missy was excited to be back and even sat starting at the door anxious to go back into the play area. Colby is a follower, and will do whatever your doing or what Missy does. He does however seem to have an anxiety about small spaces or doorways. He seems to have gotten better about going into our kennels and going through doorways, with the exception of the car. He won't jump in the car, but once hes in, he has no problem and seems to enjoy the ride its just the small doorway he has to go through that troubles him. Otherwise, he seemed pretty at ease with noises, the automatic doors and people at the pet store. Just thought I would send a little update on these two and a few photos.

Missy is on the left in both photos. She does not have pointy ears in the laying down photo -- she has floppy lab ears that are just flopping over while she rests.

If one (or both!) of these dogs sound like the right match for you, please email


Sadie is still on the run, please keep an eye out for her if you are in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis.


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