Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mr. Magoo - aka Montana

Montana has earned himself a new name at his foster home -- Magoo. His foster mom said it just fits his personality. I can see it -- just look at that face!
Here's a little run down on what we know about Magoo so far from his foster mom:
1. Montana is housetrained. He hasn't 'told' us so far he has togo---I've been pretty good about just taking him out. He however will notgo outside without me. VERY timid.

2. Good with other dogs and children. He was around 1 and 4 year oldneighbor kids (and although attached to my side was wagging his tail) andis 'in love' with Jordan. He literally lays next to her and puts his headon her pillow (she'll give a little warning sound once in a while he's too close).

3. Doesn't know how to play fetch or even play with other dogs.

4. Acts like his body aches all over. He 'strains' to get up from hispillow and walks VERY slow. Have not seen him run yet. (Note: Pet Haven is running some tests to get to the bottom of this)

5. Doesn't quite understand the concept of 'stairs'---whines when hewalks down them. Could be the fact they are new to him OR that his bodyhurts.

6. On walks, literally was touching my thigh the whole time (sort offunny).

7. Loves people. Not agressive, very submissive.

8. Doesn't bark or make noise. So far his only sound has been a lightwhine, which is almost fast breathing like a hyper-ventilation.

My non-professional opinion is this dog was either severely abused orneglected. He flinches when you go to pet him too fast, and everythingscares the heck out of him. I'm hoping it gets better with time and lotsof love. He's becoming very attached to me, which is good--but worries methat he might develop separation anxiety. Not sure how to avoid that.

Likes the water--he went for a little dip this a.m. (cute). Oh, and his face is the most adorable face I think I've ever seen.

If you think Magoo is the right dog for you, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com
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Leslie said...

He was such a sweetie sitting in my front seat when transporting him! Very Calm!! I hope all is ok with him..just a really cute BIG LUG!

Janelmaria said...

We ran tests and everything looks great with Montana. X-rayed hips and spine, and he's actually in great shape. He's now opened up-and is like a different dog. He runs around the shore of the lake, (still sticking by our side at all times) and is just a lover. This dog is extremely special and everyone who meets him says the same thing...I'd be adopting him in a heart beat if it weren't for the fact we want to continue to foster dogs.