Monday, May 4, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

What a great week - we have a lot of adoptions to celebrate!

Porter, an Aussie mix, found his family at the adoption event this weekend. They are going on vacation next week so he will hang out with foster mom for one more week before heading to his forever home. Congratulations, Porter (and Ann on not adopting her first foster!)!

Komo, a lab mix, is being adopted by his foster mom. She has realized that he is already home and wants to make it official. Congratulations, Komo!

Foster, a lab mix, found his forever home at the adoption event this weekend after more than 6 months in foster care. No one understood why this boy was not snatched up months ago, but we could not be more thrilled for him. Congratulations, Foster!

Lily, a senior poodle, has been in respite foster care for many months. She was too old and unhealthy to be put up for adoption. Lily's foster mom loves her and wants to make it official. Congratulations, Lily!

Max, a young Shih Tzu, was adopted this weekend. Congratulations, Max!

Cinja, an adult Shih Tzu, was adopted this week. Congratulations, Cinja!

Andy, a shepherd mix, was adopted this weekend. He is another black dog who has been in foster care for way too long! His new family includes a canine sister who was rescued from a neglectful situation. Andy is already hard at work teaching her how to be a dog. What a win-win situation. Congratulations, Andy!

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