Monday, May 25, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have some wonderful adoptions to celebrate this week!

Maggie, an older black lab, went to her new home this week. Her new home has a mom and daughter, three cats and a big fenced yard. Maggie will be in heaven! Congratulations, Maggie!

Daisy, a black lab, has been in foster care for many months waiting for the right home to find her. She has some trust issues and need an adoptive home where she could feel safe and who would move slowly with her when necessary. Daisy met her new dad at the dog park and worked her charms. His last dog was also picky with her friends, so he is familiar with the challenges he may face with Daisy. Congratulations, Daisy!


Don't forget to vote for Pet Haven in the Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter Challenge!

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