Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Meet Lilah!

Lilah is an 18 month old Blue Tick Beagle. She is an active girl and true to her beagle nature she loves to explore outside, but she also loves to snuggle up with her favorite people. She is also one of those dogs who loves to really burrow in to a pile of blankets for a good snooze.

Lilah loves kids and does well with other dogs. She's curious with cats, but not aggressive and all indications are that she could easily live with a cat in her forever home once she gets a chance to do a thoroughly inspect them.

She is used to being crated when left alone. She is mostly housetrained, but still doesn't give any signals that she needs to go out so there's a little work left to do.

Lilah would make a great family dog. Maybe that family is yours?

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