Monday, May 18, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We are happy to have several adoptions to report again this week!

Hawkeye (no photo), a yellow lab, was adopted last week by a wonderful family. He's already attended his first obedience class with his new mom.

Kolby (no photo), a black lab, was adopted at our event this weekend. Yay for another big black dog finding a loving home!

Montana, a St. Bernard mix, went home with his new family this weekend. He has a couple of kids to keep him busy in his new home. We are also happy to report, if you read his first blog entry, that his stiffness has cleared up, all tests were good and he is a healthy boy!

Baxter, a maltese, was adopted this past week. Baxter was surrendered to Pet Haven because his previous owners were planning to euthanize him for peeing in the house. His foster home never had any problems with him and his new home is prepared to be patient through any setbacks as well. What a lucky guy.

Banjo, a beagle, found a new family who loves him and can meet his needs after many months in foster care. Banjo has come a long way in his time with Pet Haven and we hope he will continue to blossom in his new home.

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