Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Foster

Here's an update from Foster's new family. He was adopted on May 2nd:

Well, we've made it over a week! I think that Foster is adjusting quite nicely. He and Lynette usually go for long morning walks and watch the sunrise together while I get ready for work (Monday-Friday). When I get home he and I play in our back yard or go for walks while Lynette makes dinner. Foster knows what a frisbee is and we play catch together. He likes to run around the back yard and even lay down on the deck. He also loves to chase squirrels up trees. He is very intelligent. He knows: go get your toy, go upstairs, go downstairs, go outside, go inside, lay down, sit down, get your frisbee, do you want to go for a walk, do you want to ride in the car, are you hungry, are you thirsty, and especially do you want a treat (that I think is his favorite). He likes to cuddle alot. He has a great temperament with children and with other dogs. He hardly barks and then only when he isn't getting enough attention which seems to be quite often. His kennel is in our bedroom and last night for instance when Lynette and I went to bed, he was still in the kitchen laying down on the rug under the table. We turned off the lights and got into bed and he came by about 2-3 minutes later and went right into his kennel and we all went to sleep! The first couple of nights he would jump up on the bed as was his custom with his foster family. He is very dainty for a dog of his size for regardless of how hard he plays in the house, he hasn't knocked over anything yet. He and Lynette have discussions as to what belongs to him (and can be chewed) and what belongs to her and can't. I was especially pleased with his behavior yesterday. We went into Excelscior by Lake Minnetonka and walked all over the park and behind the grandstands is a small hill with a very narrow path. At the top of the path, I stopped to let Lynette go down first because the ground was steep and the footing not quite sure and while I waited, Foster looked at Lynette, stopped and sat down and waited for her to get to the bottom before moving and then when I started to go down he followed me slowly without pulling on his leash. He seems to understand what the situation is and how he should act. I didn't do anything different it was all him. We then stopped at Dunn Brothers and had chai tea lattes outside while he had his treats. He sat down at our table with no fuss. He is a beautiful animal and a great addition to our family.

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