Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sadie safe and sound update

Sadie has been recouperating in her foster home and her foster mom sent us an update to share with everyone who helped look for her and worried about her:

Sadie was exhausted after her 8 days of being on the run in Minneapolis. All she wanted to do was sleep and eat for about two days. And then it was like a switch turned on and she was play, play, play! Getting all the other dogs to play and chase her around the yard. And pestering them inside until they will play. They really did miss her. She has put some weight back on and looks great. Back to her old tricks of hiding socks and dish towels. She likes to keep busy. She is so sweet and so dang cute. It's good to have her back. I am sending some photos of her and her best pal Rufus (a Pet Haven alum). This is how they spend their mid morning nap time.Sadie will be ready for adoption as soon as she has put on a couple more pounds.
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