Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Bear on his one year anniversary!

Our highlights are getting updates from adopters. We recently got an update on Bear ... it sure sounds like he is having the time of his life and that he has successfully wiggled his way into a permanent spot in the hearts of his new family! :)

"On 9-20-09 Bear has been with us a year. It's his one year anniversary with us. Our refrigerator has conked out or we would have gotten him a nice big beef bone to chew on. We'll have to get that later.

How he has become so much a part of our family. It's hard to imagine a time when he wasn't part of our lives.

The latest thing we do is play hide and seek. David (Daddy) holds Bear in his lap then says "Where's Mommy". I get to hiding behind doors etc. and Bear is released to find me after the count of 10. He looks all over and when he finds me we are happy and I pet him and he seems to almost smile, wag his tail and get very excited.

He leaps from the deck to chase a squirrel up the oak tree or run a cat or rabbit under the fence. He's very protective of his territory.

David now has developed pre-diabetes and gets his exercise by taking Bear for his walks. Bear gets so excited it's hard to get him to sit still to put on his harness.

I guess I go on and on about him, but I'm afraid our family has fallen in love with our little guy."

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