Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Man with a big heart

Little Man is a little man with a big heart. All of one year old, Little Man loves any open lap, so prepare for a BFF whenever you sit down to relax. Doubt that you’ll mind, since Little Man likes to snuggle and cuddle and generally be near you. He’ll especially love to sleep in your bed if you let him. Chances are good he’ll be sharing your pillow. He’s hard to resist.
Great with kids and other dogs, we expect Little Man will get on well with felines as well, since they are both small and on equal footing. He’s smart and listens well -- as trainable as he is lovable.
Little Man loves to run from one end of the house to the other with his toys. Any toys, all toys, must have toys. A basket-full will keep this energetic little man a happy, happy, happy Little Man.
So if you find yourself interested in a big way, come meet Little Man. He will be one of our models in this Saturday's Pet Haven Fall Benefit pet fashion show (presented by Lulu & Luigi). Tickets are close to selling out for our fun-filled event this Saturday (includes a full dinner, silent auction and a pet fashion show) so be sure to purchase your tickets soon!
You can also email if you would like to learn more about the Little Man with a big heart!

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Anonymous said...

I am fostering Little Man and let me tell you.. you would love love love him! He is such a sweetheart with a ton of personality. He's pretty smart too.. learned sit and lay down in about 30 min! Hes a great snuggler and is also kennel trained. He is a little man with a lot of love to give!