Monday, November 23, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Jake, the young Pointer mix is at home with his new mom and dad.  It took sensitive Jake several days to warm up to them, but his parents worked hard to win his trust.  The family stopped by our adoption event at Petco on Saturday, to show Jake off and fit him for a sweater.  He has short fur and winter is coming!

Mukwa, our giant black lab went home on Saturday.  His new Husky brother, Yukon, is so happy to have a new playmate.  Mukwa's mom recently lost a mellow senior dog.  While a new dog never replaces one we have lost, they do fill a space in your home and heart.  Mukwa has a nice fenced yard to play in and we are certain there is plenty of love for him in his new household.

Our girl from Red Lake Rosie's, Emma, went home on Saturday, too!   She will have a big fenced yard to play in and two doting parents.  Emma recently started Obedience class at The Canine Coach.  Her new mom and dad are planning to help her finish the course.   Little Emma is only seven months old, so she still has some growing and learning to do.   Her forever home is a great place do to it in.

Buckles, the happy senior CockaPoowho hides his age so well, found a terrific new home.  His plans are for a lot of snuggle time mixed in with car rides and some good walks, too.

We're happy for our four adoptees and wish them well in their new lives.

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