Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All About Chuck

Imagine what it's like to live with your family for thirteen of your fourteen years and suddenly find yourself looking for a new home. All by yourself.   This is what happened to the Maltese/Poodle cross named Chuck.

Chuck's family had young grandchildren and Chuck, like many small and older dogs, did not enjoy having the kids show up and try to poke and prod him like he was a stuffed toy.  It made him grumpy.

Because Chuck was adopted from Pet Haven many years ago and Pet Haven has a lifetime commitment to its dogs and cats, Chuck was able to find a foster home when his family decided to surrender him.
When Chuck came back to us last April, he had a reputation for being snappy with people and with other dogs.  Seven months later, he has gotten used to his new life and since he doesn't have kids pestering him, he is loving life.

Outgoing and curious when meeting new people, Chuck loves to go on a car ride, or just snuggle up with you.  Just seventeen pounds, he's the perfect size for sitting on your lap.  He passed his recent check-up with flying colors.  "He's in good shape for a dog of his age", the doctor said.   Chuck does show some signs of kidney disease, which is common in older dogs and cats, so he is on a special food and will need to stay on that to keep him in tip-top senior condition.

If you lead a quieter kind of life and are looking for a cute companion to share your days and nights, please email us at dogs@pethavenmn.org

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