Thursday, November 26, 2009

We're Thankful for You

We want to take this space today to thank you for your support for Pet Haven's dogs.

The Dog Division Leadership Team puts countless hours and much heart into rescuing and rehoming our dogs.    Thank you.

Our foster parents give of their time, their love and sometimes the serenity of their homes to offer shelter to dogs waiting for their forever homes.   Thank you.

Other volunteers who make phone calls, answer emails, transport dogs, distribute food and supplies, and organize our adoption events are indispensable.  Your cheerful help makes life better for us all, both dog and human.  Thank you.`

Our veterinary clinics, Bloomington Veterinary Hospital, Cottage Grove Vet, Lake Harriet Veterinary and Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital give excellent care to our dogs.  Thank you.

Our boarding partners - Pampered Pooch Playground, Auntie Ruth's Animal Care and Wellness Center, and Downtown Dogs - offer us a foster slot for a dog. We often call on them to care for a dog whose foster family is on vacation, too.  The dogs have a blast and are loved in these doggie daycares. Thank you.

Last but not least, to all  who offer support both moral and material, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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