Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tears for Boogie

Today was a sad day for us at Pet Haven.  Our little Pekinese boy, Boogie, was euthanized after a week of deteriorating health.

We took him in last June knowing he had a heart murmur.  He came to us from the Animal Humane Society because Pet Haven has such a good track record of caring for special needs dogs and cats. Our  veterinarian said Boogie was stable but that his life expectancy was six months to two years.

His foster home was wonderful, faithfully giving him his medication and all the love and cuddling this affectionate dog wanted.  Boogie surprised us all but burrowing under the fence shortly after arriving at his new home and being discovered a couple of hours and several blocks away -- outside an ice cream parlor.    He was bright and friendly and we always loved seeing him at our adoption events.

Last weekend, Boogie was hospitalized because he was having seizures and had a very low glucose level.  When he was released, his foster parents followed all the doctor's orders, feeding him more frequently to try to stabilize his blood sugar level and keeping some honey on hand in case it dropped too low.

Sadly, it became clear today that Boogie did not have much time left.  His loving foster mom and dad were with him went he peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   The hardest thing for us to do is to let go when it is time.  It takes courage and resolve to take the final step and help a dearly loved animal out of the pain and into peace.

Thank you to Andrea and Jeff for loving Boogie as their own dog.  He knew he was loved until the very end.  Tonight, say a prayer, light a candle, do something nice for a living being in honor of this cheerful and loving dog.  Boogie, you will be missed and never forgotten.


Amy said...

What a great dog! Maybe he could help me out with some of my computer work. ;)

jason86 said...

Sorry to hear about Boogie.