Monday, January 10, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Luke

Luke is an adorable Maltese mix that came to Pet Haven from People for Pets in Iowa. Luke got his Christmas wish granted when he went to his forever home just a couple days after the holiday.

Lisa and Cale (aka Mom and Dad) were very excited to welcome Luke home and even Izzy, their terrier mix was excited for his new brother to come home!

Here's an update from Luke's new mom:

"Things are going really well! Luke and Izzy are playing pretty well together! Luke has learned where the door is when he needs to go out and is loving all the cuddles he's getting. I'm pretty sure he can fall asleep anywhere and seems to like falling asleep with his head on my feet which tickles when he starts to snore. He seems to get sad when we're going out for a little and makes funny car alarm/chewbacca noises but calms down shortly after and is fine when we come back home (I think he'll be okay after a few more days). He has the cutest run/hopping motion and just loves to be right next to us. We love this little fuzz ball and are so glad to have him in our family and cannot thank you guys enough! "

What a happy new year for Luke and his new family! We wish you many more years of happy tails, treats and belly rubs!!

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