Tuesday, January 11, 2011

If you knew Susie like I know Susie

oh, oh, oh what a gal!

Susie is a charmer - and if you knew her a year ago, you might not recognize her today.

Susie came from a puppy mill and was rescued by the Animal Humane Society just about a year ago.

Susie's life had been limited to having puppies, living in a cage and not having much human contact - certainly not enough that let her know how nice some of them are, that she was valued as more than a money-maker and that she had a right to pats and snuggles and toys.

Because of the number of dogs rescued there was a need to involve other groups in caring for these dogs, the Animal Humane Society reached out to other rescue groups for help. Pet Haven took two -

Susie has learned to walk on a leash, she is potty trained, she enjoys people and will snuggle next to your feet, treats, toys are all wonderful things - at approximately 9 yrs of age, that is a lot to learn in a year. Just think of all the other things she will learn when she has a home of her own!

Susie has learned how wonderful life in a home is - how nice it is to have a kind family who cares about her needs and wants to help her grow in love.

She's ready - ready to find her own family - her own home.

Susie is looking for just the right one! Do you know of anyone who might have just the right home and be the person who will continue to reveal her personality? Help us spread the word!

To read more about Susie and Daisy and see what condition they were in click here. Daisy has been adopted and is doing well in her new home.

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