Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Usually when you hear about a case of animal hoarding, you hear about cats. It can happen with dogs too, of course.

In December 2010 the Animal Humane Society was notified of a case in Aitkin county where over 65 small breed dogs were being kept in cramped and foul conditions and they were voluntarily surrendered to AHS by the owners.

AHS reached out to MNPAW coalition partners and other groups they work with to see if some of the dogs could be taken by them. Most were not house trained, many were at least shy if not fearful.

Pet Haven took three miniature poodles.




All of the girls have been to the vet for vaccinations, they have been spayed, microchipped and dewormed. Each is in a different foster home and all have unique personalities.

Abby is the most fearful of being touched. She will come up near you but when you reach down to pet her, she darts away. Her foster family has some tricks up their sleeves to help her get over these fears but it will take awhile. She is not ready for adoption yet.

Candy will come and get on your lap or be by your feet or near you on the couch. She is more comfortable with human touch and is making good progress. We hope she will be able to come to adoption events soon.

Millie, under a year in age, though shy at first is well socialized and is waiting for the right home to come along. She gets along well with another dog and loves to play.

None of the girls are trained to go outside to relieve themselves. They are being trained to use puppy pads and are doing quite well though they have more to learn. More time, training, patience and consistency will need to be provided. The new owner will have to be vigilant and watchful as these dogs go into homes - learning to potty on a potty pad in one house with good consistency takes some transitioning to doing it in a new home where the floor plan, location of the potty pad and everything is different.

Here is another picture of Ms. Millie -

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