Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun, affection and games

Mike came to Pet Haven a little shy. It has taken him time to get used to the noises and movements in the house and outside - what a change for him and now a change in him!

He hopes you will notice that that tail is wagging! He must like to have his picture taken too.

He's good with an early elementary age child AND has learned to play with the two resident dogs in his foster home! It's fun to have another dog to play with - who knew?

Mike hasn't figured out the cats just yet - right now he just follows them around at a little distance.

Mikey is a busy boy and smart - he likes to have toys provided for him that will help keep him occupied - he's been known to make up his own 'games' without enough stimulation! Smart boy, Mike!

Looking for an exercise partner? Mike has lots of stamina - he would jog with you (just not in the high heat and humidity of summer) or love to go on long walks with you. He is respectful of the dogs he meets when out on walks and runs.

Need someone to keep you company when running errands? 'Going with' in the car is a highlight of his day!

Do they give treats when you go to the drive through at your bank?

Mikey is just an every-day, ordinary black dog - looking for a family who will give him some time to get used to his new people and surroundings and discover all the wonderful things he has and will continue to learn. The foster home can fill you in on all the things that have helped him feel comfortable with them and share with you his great personality.

He's a happy, devoted boy L-O-O-K-I-N-G!

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