Monday, January 31, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Mikee!

Pet Haven volunteers have been saying for months - "Why is Mikee still with us?" Mikee is a chi, but he's no ordinary chi. He's playful and funny and loves to be the center of attention, garnering laughs from everyone surrounding him.

Well, we now know why Mike was sticking around for so long....because he knew he had to wait for the perfect family to come along.

Brandee and Kurt live in Uptown and they like to go for walks around Calhoun in summer. Your typical chi doesn't like to walk anywhere, but not Mikee. Mikee offers the best of both worlds because he'll walk anywhere with you, but he's also tiny enough that you can stick him in your bag if and when he gets tired.

Mikee now has 2 kitty siblings 1 12yr male and 1 15yr female...Mikee doesn't mind the cats - in fact one of the first things he did was show them his toys and "ask" them to play. I don't think the cats are quite ready for that yet, but at least they're all getting along.

Oh, and the best part is that Brandee and Kurt have friends with chi's so it sounds like there are lots of play dates in his future.

Good luck little Mikee - we loved having you at Pet Haven!

And good luck to Mikee's fosters Leslie & Danny - we know it was hard letting go of this guy!

Here's Mike with his new Dad, Kurt:

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