Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stories we love to hear!

Our little Jess-aroonie-be-bop was adopted from you in 1997, now a sweet 14.5 year old. She has a muzzle of silver and a beautiful heart of gold.

Notice her new winter coat. Jessie loves using the dog door all day long, so she is in and out about 30 times a day.

We decided with her skinny-minny body she needed some extra warmth and she proudly adjusted to her new fleece coat within minutes.

We play a game with her now in that when our little weather-girl comes in from outdoors, we partially take her coat off, scratch her from head to toe and then say, “Seam me up again Scottie!” For some reason she loves this so much and we repeat this several times each day.

Who says you can’t teach and old dog new tricks?

She is so adorable, her eyes glisten with delight when she wears her coat, her tail wags uncontrollably when we scrach her and ‘seam her up again' – talk about falling love with her over and over again.

Our little girl has a touch of doggie dementia but this truly is a wonderful love affair between Jessies and her humans. We just thought we would share her story and show you her favorite jacket.

Thanks for bringing this little lady into our lives!

Nancy and Tom O’Sullivan


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