Sunday, August 17, 2008

Banjo the beagle

My name is Banjo Brown and I am a 7-year old beagle. Summer is my favorite season and I LOVE to spend the summer months in my backyard sniffing around for scents from squirrels, rabbits or chipmunks. If I get on the scent of something good, I just forget about everything else around me. Because I have a tendency to get so carried away, I have to always be on a leash when I’m outside. My biggest achievement was catching my own chipmunk (the first time ever!!) and I was quite proud of myself. I carried it around in my mouth for a few minutes and I was really sad when it wouldn't play with me anymore. I was tricked into dropping the chipmunk in exchange of for a piece of frozen bread – when I went back to pick up the chipmunk it had run away! bummer, but what a fun time that was though!

After a good time sniffing around, I either take a nice
nap in the sun on my deck or else in the sun in the house somewhere.
I really like to find an air conditioning vent to lay in front of,
particularly if that's in the sun.

I really am a nice dog and I get along with adults very well and would like to be in a home with only adults (sorry kids… I just get nervous around kids).

Do you have room in your life and your heart for me? I really am
quite a sweet dog.

Banjo Brown

For more info you can read more about me here.

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