Monday, August 11, 2008

Hector the love bug is still waiting!

Hector is a 7 year old great dane/grey hound mix - a gentle giant and as foster mom says, a "love bug."

"Hector is just a love bug. He is always trying to stick his head under your hand or through your bended arm for a pet. If you just hold one finger on his head he will be happy.

He is getting along with his foster sisters very often times being the referee if they are playing too rough. He has such a presence he just has to step towards them and they quiet down. A guy needs his beauty rest after all.

We were told Hector is around 7 but you would never guess that if you saw him running around in the backyard with his housemates. And he is fast, guess that is the greyhound in him.

Hector is not particular about what kind of home he lives in. It could be with an active family; he’s ready to go anytime. It could be with a retired couple with lots of time for movie watching and head petting. It could be a single working person; Hector loves his crate and will patiently wait for you to get home from work. Of course all homes must come with lots of love and pets."

“His future’s so bright he’s gotta wear shades”.

Click here to learn more about Hector.

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