Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holloway - update!

Holloway arrived this past weekend. This sweet boy is another rescue who has come to us from Red Lake Rosie's. Holloway was most likely hit by a car according to the vet's assessment. Fortunately, a majority of the injury is to his dew claw which is non weight bearing. Even though the wound looks horrendous, the vet has indicated skin will grow back, and he will be just fine! :)

Courtney and Jon (two of Pet Haven's new volunteers, and great volunteers I might add!) stepped forward to foster and care for this sweet guy. Here's an update from them after day 1: "Holloway is wonderful! His biggest quality is his never-ending sweetness! The first thing Holloway and I did when we got home today was take a nap-
and he is SUCH a cuddler! I laid on the floor to watch TV, and he laid his whole body right next to mine with his head on my arm. All you have to do is talk to him and he'll start wagging his tail, and if you are on the floor, he is always laying his head on you.....

Halloway was introduced to stairs today. He must have never seen them before. He saw them, sniffed the first step, started whimpering, ran backwards, and repeated that process a few dozen times. No matter how much I coaxed him, he wouldn't walk up with me. Eventually he would put a paw up on the first step, get scared, run backwards, and lay down. It took about 20 minutes before he conquered the skill! TV was another one, I turned it on, and he looked pretty confused by what that was. However, it didn't take long! He'll run up and down the steps now, and ignore the TV...

Holloway is in good physical condition except for his leg needing healing (the vet said at least a month or two), and a positive hookworm result. He was de-wormed yesterday, but we will need to be cautious of that of course. He is on two pain medications in the AM and PM, one is like a very potent ibuprofen, another is like a mild dog form of morphine. He eats all of his food, and drinks plenty of water. He seems to HATE the crate, but we're working on that as well."

then on day 2 we got the following:
"Holloway is doing WONDERFUL and started playing today for the first time with his toy frog! He LOVES nylabones, and chews them like crazy! We are doing so much better with the housetraining, he hasn't had an accident since yesterday-his first day! What a wonderful boy, I can't say enough great things about him!"

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