Monday, August 4, 2008

A busy weekend for Ode and Eve

An update from Ode's foster family: "We had a very eventful weekend. On Friday Tino and I took Ode and Eve with us to the Uptown Art Fair. We were stopped every few feet by someone asking to pet the puppies. Both dogs loved the attention and did really well with all the kids that approached them. We took the opportunity to tell Ode's story and educate people about animal abuse. Everyone we spoke to was very impressed on how gentle and friendly Ode was. We should all be so forgiving.

After the adoption event on Saturday both puppies went with us to a picnic. They were the stars of the day and really enjoyed playing in the park. Even though both pups will always stay near us, Ode did take off once only to run straight onto the ball field where people were playing kickball. She really wanted to catch the giant ball. Two people at the picnic expressed interest in volunteering for Pet Haven. Good job Ode and Eve!

I will be working with Ode and Eve on leash training and house training. I also plan to take them to the local dog park. I am taking Ode out as much as possible. She generates a lot insightful conversations and gets people thinking about what they can do to help prevent animal abuse. Ode is a great ambassador for Pet Haven."

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