Sunday, August 10, 2008

Continuing to get the word out!

Pet Haven collaborated with local author Dr. Justine Lee and participated in an outreach event/book signing at Common Good Books in St. Paul. Dr. Justine discussed her book "It's a Dog's Life" and answered questions from the audience on pets - a great opportunity for some free vet advice!

Several members of the Pet Haven outreach team then had an opportunity to share information on our mission, provide some education on bully breeds and black dogs (to learn more about the difficulty of adopting out black dogs visit Start Seeing Black dogs), and also get visbility for some of our adoptable dogs - Hector, Mollie, Ode and Eve came to the event, as well as Pet Haven alum and bully breed ambassador, Bubba (thanks Dan for bringing him and sharing his story!).

Many thanks to Common Good Books for donating 10% of sales proceeds for the day to Pet Haven. In addition to raising funds, we continue to get the word out about the work we do in animal rescue and the importance of adopting from a rescue or a shelter. We were also able to recruit some new volunteers! Not bad for a Saturday afternoon.

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