Friday, August 15, 2008

Ode's open heart and brave spirit touches the hearts of many

On 7/19/08 Ode, a young puppy whose ears had been intentionally burned and who suffered horrific abuse, was welcomed into Pet Haven's foster program. Read more about her in my original post. Since then she has touched the hearts and souls of so many, including her foster mom and dad, Mary and Tino (who have done a tremendous job of loving and caring for this injured soul, and helping her heal).... and also a local artist, Jessie of Stray Dog Arts. Jessie has donated her time and creative talent to paint a portrait of Ode from a photo taken at our recent Common Good Books outreach event. She is donating this portrait to the silent auction of Pet Haven's Fall Benefit.

Ode will be at our Fall Benefit on November 1st, and will be walked in our pet fashion show by Dana, Director of Operations, of Chuck and Don's who is sponsoring sweet Ode and paying for the special food she needs and providing for all of Ode's supplies.

Not only has Ode taught so many of us about loving, living, forgiving and hope, but she is bringing a community together. Ode ('oday' which means heart) is truly an open-heart and brave spirit. Somehow, in my heart, when i took photos of this brave spirit the first day i met her, i knew that she would be giving more back to all of us, than we could ever give to her.

Both Pet Haven and Stray Dog Arts will be at the Renaissance festival this weekend. Come see Ode's portrait at the Stray Dog Arts booth, and catch Ode who will be making rounds with foster mom on Saturday and freely giving out lots of puppy kisses!

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