Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dakota Needs You!

Dakota would like you to know that she is looking for a foster home. She is currently being boarded at one of our doggie daycare partners, and while the people are nice the stress of having so many unruly dogs nearby is making Dakota a little bit unhappy.

Dakota, who is a seven year old Shepherd/Husky, loves people. She likes to please them and she likes to sit for them so they give her tasty treats. While not exactly a loner, she is happiest when other dogs keep their distance.
She asked me to list some of the things that she would like to have in her foster home:

*A person (or persons!) who like to walk. Despite her age, Dakota doesn’t appear to have an abundance of experience walking nicely on a leash. She likes to sniff all the wonderful things that live in the grass and weeds. Her person should at least be prepared for a wee bit of leash-pulling. A fenced yard would be a huge plus, but Dakota says she can live with out that if it means more walks.
*Dakota came to us from a home where she lived with a Jack Russell Terrier and a human family. When the humans were not home, she and the JRT spent time together in a spare bedroom. After seven years of this, Dakota was not prepared for being crated for long periods of time. “If you please, would you find me a home where the people are around a lot?” she asked. If you work from home, are a student with a light class load, are retired or a stay-at-home mom or dad, Dakota would like to talk to you.
*Dakota would be happiest in a home without other dogs, although if you have a mellow, obedient dog in your life and you have some experience working with dogs, we’d be willing to talk to you on Dakota’s behalf, as she has delegated that duty to us. (Dakota likes long introductory periods with other dogs. She does not like them to run up to her and try to play with her. This can make her crabby. As far as we have seen, she may snap and growl to make the other dog back off, but she is not aggressive towards other dogs.)

If you can meet Dakota’s exacting specifications, please contact her at pethavendogs@yahoo.com. She is waiting to hear from you.

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