Friday, August 8, 2008

Story time with Hank

Hank hangs out in a foster home with Annie (another beagle adopted through Pet Haven) and Elanor who is being home-schooled by her mom. He's a lucky boy because he gets to go through "dog school" with Elanor. She picks out a book and then reads it to the dogs. Yesterday Hank had Happy Dog read to him.

Hank is an extremely patient and loving boy and enjoys the simple pleasures of hanging out with you. Of course, the best part of having a story read to him is that he gets a treat when Elanor reads "the end" ;-)

According to Elanor both Hank and Annie have done well enough to move on to third grade - what smart dogs!

As much as Hank enjoys storytime with Elanor, he says he's ready to move onto a new dog school. Now.... wouldn't you just love to have this great guy come live with you and read to him?

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