Friday, November 7, 2008

Buster: Big personality in a little package

Buster is a 1 year old Pomeranian and quite the little clown!

When Buster first arrived in Pet Haven care he was a scared boy. He would snap at strange people and strange dogs, but as his confidence has grown these behaviors have subsided. Now Buster loves to play with other dogs and has learned that new people frequently hand out treats! Buster does need a forever home that will provide him with structure and training -- treating Buster like a toy, accessory or baby (common mistakes with toy breeds) makes him feel insecure. He needs to know his new family is in charge so that he can relax and just be a cute, fun and charming companion.

Buster recently spent a few days out at All Seasons Canine Country Club, one of our fabulous boarding partners, for a little socialization boot camp. He loved it and they loved Buster. All of the staff fell in love with him and Buster had a blast playing with dogs of all shapes and sizes. In the photo to the right you can see him sacked out snuggling with a min pin friend that he met during his stay.

The staff at All Seasons also worked on teaching Buster some new tricks. He now knows how to "roll over" and "sit pretty" along with all the basic commands. He would love to show off for you. Please email if you are interested in meeting Buster.

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