Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day, Andy!

Pet Haven would like to introduce one of the newest strong candidates for dog adoption, Andy. He wanted his foster home to let the public know a little about him. Andy is from Iowa where he was picked up by animal control on the side of the highway where he was waiting with a companion dog who had be hit by a car (the other dog survived -- and what a show of loyalty by Andy!). Andy came into Pet Haven at the beginning of October and hung out at Auntie Ruth's for a little while. His foster family picked him up last week and it was soon after that Andy decided that he would welcome the challenge to become the best candidate for dog adoption with Pet Haven.

Andy is a 1-2 year old black mostly German Shepherd mix. He loves people and gets along well with other dogs, even if they want to boss him around. Andy has learned how to walk beautifully on a leash wearing a Gentle Leader and has already picked up several commands. He does need to gain some weight, but he also loves food, so it's a perfect combo! Andy is crated at night and during the day for full 8 hours.

Andy is of course campaigning for all big black dogs, long walks, a fenced in yard, extra treats, and all day petting. He has recently become very supportive of obedience training and has taken it upon himself to be a personal shadow/foot warmer for anyone who gives him attention.

Here are some things his supporters and even some non-fans of his had to say about him:

"Andy is a super nice boy. In just a few short days he went from a bouncing stray to a home-ready dog. I would love to see Andy with a family that knew something about German Shepherds and have had some dog experience. I believe Andy when he says he could be the star of his obedience class!" -- Jenny J., foster mom

"Andy didn't even know me the first time we met and he sat for me and we became friends. His family will be very lucky." --Amy D.

"Andy is a nice dog, even though he runs too fast for me to wrestle with him. He has continually shown that he listens more to 'sit' and 'leave it' which is really showing me up. Andy doesn't even get into things or countersurf. I just try to ignore him all the time." -- Cinder, bossy resident dog and Andy non-supporter

"I love Andy!!!" -- Sawyer, resident dog and Andy backer

Go vote and then email pethavendogs@yahoo.com if you would like to learn more about Andy.

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