Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ode update! (and a new kid in town)

Ode graduated from Level 1 obedience training at K9 Coach last night. She has done a wonderful job with sit, stay, stand, down, leave it and come. At home she plays fetch, bringing you her toy or ball, "give you five", go to bed, no kitty (leave the poor cat alone) and is working on beg (sitting up). I recently went back to work part time. I have left Ode at home with the other dogs for several hours at a time and I always find the house the way I left it. In fact, Ode has started picking up her own toys. This is no joke. I will see her playing with her teddy bear and later I will find it in her toy basket. Since I am the only human home, Ode must put it away herself. Now if I could just get the rest of my family to do this!

To the left Ode and the resident dog earlier this summer. To the right -- grow, grow Ode legs -- Ode and the resident dog now.

Ode is currently working with troubled teens at a local middle school. She loves the kids and the attention and it is a good way for her to get out and meet new people. The teens are putting Ode through her paces practicing all her obedience commands.
When we are home Ode likes to be in the same room we are. All the dogs know the command "out of the kitchen" but Ode has found a way around it. When I am cooking dinner she will quietly sneak into the kitchen and lay down, closing her eyes. If she isn't in the way or begging, I give in and let her stay. Smart dog.

Ode loves being around people. We recently had a large party at our home (over 60 guests). Ode thought everyone was there for her. She went from person to person greeting them. We were told time and again what a well behaved dog Ode is. I know when Ode gets a family of her own she will bond to them in no time. She is full of love and just wants to share it.

If you are interested in meeting Ode, please email

There's a new kid in town! Tuesday afternoon Pet Haven took in 7 new dogs from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue (the same place that rescued Ode originally). Pictured to the left is Junior, a springer spaniel/collie (we're guessing!) mix puppy and one of our new RRLR arrivals. Watch the blog for updates on Junior and the other new RRLR dogs.

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