Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sammy Jo: A walking conversation starter

Adopting Sammy Jo would be a great way to meet your neighbors. Sammy Jo's heritage is a true mystery -- but she has such a cute, unique look that I am sure her forever family will be stopped routinely by neighbors and passers-by wondering what her breed mix is? At this point it is anybody's guess. Her foster has suggested that she looks like a Tibetan Spaniel mix and she has ears that resemble a Papillion -- but at 40lbs she is bigger than both breeds. If anyone wants to weigh in with a guess on her breed mix, leave your thoughts in the comments. We would love additional insight!

Sammy Jo was surrendered to Pet Haven along with her canine "sister" Cocoa, a shepherd mix. Their family is going through some changes and could no longer care for the dogs. They lived with cats and kids in their previous home as well. Both girls are adjusting well to their foster homes (separate homes) and while they would enjoy living with another dog in their adoptive home, it's not necessary. She does fancy her self a top-notch squirrel chaser, so she needs a fenced in yard to keep her safe during the "hunt." Sammy Jo has also put in a special request for super fluffy dog beds (or a spot on the couch and bed) in her forever home, she just loves to curl up somewhere soft and warm.

If you are interested in meeting Sammy Jo, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

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sarahdp said...

Sammy's nose looks a lot like a brittany, particularily a french brittany. They also have that rust color and are about that size (35-40 lbs). A definite one of a kind though! I love it.