Monday, November 24, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Three dogs who are extra thankful this week!

Little Ann came to us from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue a few weeks ago. She hung out at one of our boarding partners while waiting for a foster home. One of their employees fell in love with her and took her home as a foster...and Little Ann is staying as an adopted dog! We love "foster failures" (when a foster adopts their own foster dog).

Koda is a husky mix who went to a foster-with-intent home late last week. He has some new feline siblings and has never lived with cats before, so we are feeling out his dog-cat relationship skills before sealing the deal. So far so good with the cats and Koda loves his new canine sibling and his new teenager! Congrats, Koda!

Andy is a shepherd mix who will be headed to a foster-with-intent home tomorrow. He also has a new feline sibling and no known cat experience. He has done a meet and greet though and, while excited, all went well and we have our paws crossed that Andy has found his forever home!

To see all of our dogs who are still waiting for their happy endings, check out our website.

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