Monday, November 3, 2008

Adopted Dog Monday!

Here it is -- a new standard feature for the Dog Blog -- every Monday I will let you know which dogs found their forever homes over the past week. Many people have told me that they wished they could learn about when the dogs are adopted (outside of the Happy Tails on the website and in the Pet Haven Newsletter). Everyone could use a pick me up on a Monday morning -- and what's more heart warming than reading about adopted dogs?

Without further ado...

After 7 months in foster care, Hank has found his forever home. Hank has two kids and a fenced in yard to call his very own. He lives only a few blocks from a fabulous dog park. His new mom and dad are taking time off from work to get him settled into the house.

Keisha is a 6 year old lab/beagle mix who never even made it onto our Petfinder available dogs listings. She was adopted at her first Adoption Day appearance! Congratulations Keisha!

Libby went home this week. She has a lab sister and 7 year old twin boys to throw the ball for her. Libby's idea of a dream come true!

Buster went home this weekend with a woman who has owned Cocker Spaniels for more than 20 years. She knows all about Cockers and their allergy issues and she's prepared to keep working with Buster on his skin issues. What a lucky boy!

Seeka, one of our spaniel puppies, and Sammy Jo, a brand new chow/papillion (?? who knows, but she's cute!) mix, went home with foster-with-intent-to-adopt homes this weekend. Peanuts and Snickers, two fox terrier mix puppies were adopted at long last by their foster-with-intent families.

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