Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue puppies

Last week, Pet Haven took in 4 puppies from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue.
Three of the puppies are 7-week-old shepherd mix puppies from the same litter. They have been named Sierra (female), Ozzy (male) and Kix (male) by their foster family. Their foster family has been getting to know them and helping them settle in to home life. They are also sharing their foster home with Ode, another Pet Haven foster, who is taking her role of big sister very seriously.

The female who is also the largest is Sierra. Like a mountain range is has a very commanding presence, unlike the mountains she is not silent. Sierra is the first to cry and howl to get out of the kennel or play pen. She whines when she needs to go potty so at least she tips us off. The biggest of the three, she is also the most dominant and a bit of a bully to her brothers. Sierra loves to chase the other dogs around the house, especially Ode. She will even attempt to play tug-o-war with Ode who is more than 10 times her size.

The almost solid black male and the second largest is Ozzy. He is very playful and not nearly as needy as his sister. Ozzy loves to explore the house and follow people and dogs alike. He is solid black, very fuzzy with only a small patch of white on one paw and a tiny spot on his chest. Ozzy likes to play with doggie toys and Ode's tail. He is content to stay in the play pen with minimal fuss but loves to come out and join in the fun.

The tiny male is Kix. At barely three pounds, Kix may be small in size but large in sweetness. Watching Kix run through the house always makes us smile because his legs are so short. He, like his brother Ozzy, is more laid back. Kix loves to cuddle on your lap or with the other dogs. He is fearless and will go nose to nose with the much bigger dogs. He is often the first one to check out new places. He even tried to get in the dishwasher!

Photos (top to bottom) : Kix in Ode's water bowl; Sierra; Ozzy; Kix shredding paper; Ozzy and Kix checking out the dishwasher.

If you found us from our appearance on TV this morning -- welcome!
In addition to these 3 puppies, we have 4 more puppies available for adoption that come to us from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue: Junior, a 10 week old male spaniel/collie mix and three 10 week old black lab/spaniel (best guess? - they were found in a ditch) mix puppies arriving in foster care on Friday. If you are interested in meeting one of these puppies -- or any of our dogs in foster care, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

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