Monday, January 5, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

We have a lot to celebrate this week!

Miss Bailey, a springer/lab mix, has landed in a foster-with-intent-to-adopt home. They spent some time with her before the holidays but couldn't bring her home until after they finished their holiday travels. Everyone who met Bailey and her new "foster" parents at our adoption event on Saturday has a great feeling about this match!

Lady, a yellow lab mix, has won the hears of her foster parents. They are adopting her! Congratulations, Lady!

Rae Ann, a hound mix, has found her new home with a Min Pin sibling and two boys of her very own. Everyone who met Rae Ann fell in love with this gentle girl and we are very excited for her. Congratulations, Rae Ann!

Drake, an American Bulldog, and his family stopped by our adoption event this weekend to make things official after fostering with intent to adopt for a couple of weeks. Check out this photo of Drake and his adorable canine sister, Zoey.

Ahnung was adopted this weekend by Marilou, President of Pet Haven. We have all enjoyed ribbing Marilou for "foster failing" (adopting your own foster dog) for the third time (she has only "fostered" three dogs). Ahnung is a lucky girl and we are glad that she is "staying in the Pet Haven family" and we will all get to see a lot more of her.

Gale, a female mixed breed from Rosie's Red Lake Rescue, never even made it onto our website. While out walking with her foster mom last week she met some neighbors who fell in love with this little girl. She now has a Boxer brother and a mom who works from home. She has come a long way from being abandoned in northern Minnesota with a litter of puppies!

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